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Who Are Aqua Natural?

The Salon Source by Salonology. Aqua Natural.

Can you share the story behind your brand?

My career in beauty started from an early age of 15 working as an apprentice in a salon in my
hometown in Tanzania. The culture was to use natural ethnic, traditional ingredients for the
treatments. Being in the tropics, waxing was the most popular treatment. However, chemically
formulated waxes as we know them were unknown to us. All hair removal treatments were done by
using the traditional method, making the paste with sugar and lemon juice now known as sugar wax.
When I moved to the U.K in 1987, I was keen to pursue my skills as a therapist and decided to
establish myself up as a mobile therapist. Whilst setting up, I realised there was an absences of sugar
wax in the market. This inspired me to start the business to introduce the concept using strip sugar
wax as a natural alternative to waxes for the professional sector.
Acquiring further knowledge in understanding sugar chemistry gives the company the reputation as
one of the leading manufacturers of natural strip sugar wax in the UK.
Aqua Natural strip sugar wax has now been in the market for over than 35 years.

What/who are your biggest inspirations for the brand?

Looking back at the time when I was starting to set up our own business to introduce a natural
brand, I took my inspiration from Anita Roddick of The Body Shop. I related to her, as she was at the
forefront in raising awareness, campaigning for issues that we are all now engulfed with. For her, it
was a business with responsibility to save our planet by introducing practices that would minimise
the impact on our environment.
We as a company we built our business on those values, we have never wavered from our commitment
to ethical, social, and environmental ethos. We do not use any ingredients in our products which are
not biodegradable. Neither do we use any harsh or hazardous chemicals within our manufacturing
practices. All our products are nontoxic and free from synthetic chemicals.
By keeping all our manufacturing in house, we are able to have traceability of all our ingredients
from our suppliers to prove that they are sourced ethically and not tested on animals.
And we have continued to do so by introducing our ‘Refill’ Scheme.
Our goal is to be as established as a leading natural ethical global brand available to both waxing
professionals and students.

What would you say sets your products from others in the market?

Our product is the only product formulated from blends of sugar syrups only, making the product
superior in quality. It has strong efficacy, smooth consistency for application, gentle on the skin as sugar
wax does not stick to the skin, making the treatment less traumatic. It suits those who have resin
allergy from waxes. Strip sugar Wax is water soluble, so any spillages can be wiped away with water, eliminating the
use of solvents. It also eliminates the need of replacing damaged carpets from sticky wax making it cost
effective. It can be warmed in a microwave for just 90 seconds or less just before the treatment, and
it will retain its consistency for 30 min enough time to complete any area of the treatment. This
would also give huge saving on energy bills and making it practical to use.

All the ancillary products are registered by Vegan Society and certified as cruelty free under the
Leaping Bunny Programme.
Aqua Natural Talc is pharmaceutical grade, which is also safe as it is free from Titanium dioxide and
Aqua Natural Soothing Mist: Infused with Witch Hazel and Bergamot oil will soothe and calm the
Aqua Natural Nonwoven strips are firm and absorbent ideal to use for any waxing treatment.

How would you describe the brands core values?

We are an established family business and take pride in maintaining our ethical and environmental
values. All manufacturing is done from our premises in the UK. We source all our packaging locally,
this minimises our carbon footprint. We can maintain quality, faster turnaround of product and
provide high level of customer care. We prioritise our ethical ethos above all else.
Aqua Natural is the only waxing company to launch a ‘REFILL scheme’ for our sugar wax jars. Because our scheme works on sending a minimum of 12 empties, a free of charge a shipping label will be provided. Also with an additional 15% off the next order. With the product being water soluble the jars get
sterilised and refilled and to be REUSED. This minimises single use plastic and REDUCES the impact
on the environment.

Can you share anything new and exciting coming up?

Strip Sugar is the only natural product which has also been approved in the 2021 review of the
National Occupational Standards (NOS), alongside cream and warm wax formulations to provide
as an occupational service. Furthermore, Aqua Natural strip sugar system technique has now been endorsed as a BRAND by the Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Industry Authority (HABIA) to provide certified courses. The training course will enable professional waxing therapist skills to use Aqua Natural Strip Sugar with confidence, which meet the high industry standards set by HABIA the awarding
body. Our training programme is ready to be launched! Aqua Natural Strip Sugar Hair Removal Course
is a half day, it covers both theory and practical skills set under HABIA standards. For more
information, please contact Rosie Khandwala,

What is your favourite product from any of your ranges?

Our Aqua Natural Strip Sugar is a unique product which also suits all skin types, suitable for all areas of
the body. It is just the right and appropriate product for clients which are safe to both the skin and the environment.

You can learn more about Aqua Natural HERE at The Salon Source!

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