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HIFU In Your Salon

Hollie Power - Ex Spa Owner

If you are considering HIFU in your salon this article will help you to understand what it is, what it does and if HIFU in your salon is a good business move.

Trying to choose a piece of equipment for your salon business can be extremely overwhelming.

I totally get it.

When I had my spa, making the jump into a more aesthetic based business was difficult.

There are SO many machines that do SO many things and when you are going to make a big investment, it’s imperative you do it with measure.

When salon owners start to consider introducing advanced technology into their business, I see one question asked over and over.

Which technology is right for my business?

To get started, we know we can charge more for a treatment that has utilises a clever piece of equipment, but it is understanding what that equipment does, how it does it and why it might or might not be suitable for you and your salon.

Our Beauty and aesthetics edition of The Source covers all sorts of technology options with a brief description of different technologies available, but I wanted to really help you along by digging a bit deeper. You can read it here

In these articles, you’ll find a full overview of all of the most popular technologies so you can make an educated decision and then find the right supplier when you know how you want to move forward.

I want to talk about how the technology works, what it does, the results you can expect and what you can charge, in depth.

In this article, we will look at HIFU – High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound and we will cover


      • WHAT IS HIFU?






    Let us begin….

    hifu in your salon - salon source - salon owners - salon suppliers


    hifu in your salon – salon source – salon owners – salon suppliers

    WHAT IS HIFU. (High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound)

    HIFU is one of the newest treatments on the market. It creates big anti aging results.

    Most technology that we use for cosmetic purposes has come through from the medical world.

    HIFU is no different.

    It’s been around since 1947, when the Fry brothers created the first HIFU system of its type.

    It has been used within neurosurgery, tumour removal and to treat Parkinsons.

    The focused ultrasound creates damage to an area – and has been developed to create results in the beauty and aesthetics industry.


    So, whilst HIFU is a relatively new technology in the beauty world, it has a long medical history.

    HIFU is used to lift and tighten skin and also to reduce fatty pockets on the body.

    It’s a popular but more costly treatment, that can create big results in one session.



    A trained technician will draw a grid on the skin to work with.

    This ensures precision, equal distribution and results.

    Using a handpiece, a technician delivers a focused number of shots to a certain depth deep within the skin, working methodically across the grid.

    Usually, this will be around 4.5mm, 3mm and 1.5mm – although this can vary depending on the manufacturer.

    Initially, the 4.5mm shots target something called the SMAS layer.

    This is the superficial musculoaponeurotic system. This is what a surgeon would lift during surgery for a facelift.

    A handpiece with a 4.5mm cartridge sends focussed shots of ultrasound deep into the skins layers.

    This causes tiny microinjuries and trauma.

    This triggers the body to produce collagen to heal the SMAS layer, which lifts and tightens the skin over a period of 3 months.

    It is also known as collagen remodelling and collagen induction.

    Usually, this is followed up with a series of shots at a more superficial level of 3mm, to create more collagen induction and tighten the skin. Some machines use a 1.5mm cartridge too, but this depends on the individual manufacturer and training.

    Most machines will operate on different outputs too so you can create customised results by increasing the input levels based on your client’s tolerance.

    Body Sculpting

    HIFU technology can also be used to sculpt fatty pockets.

    It can target fatty pockets by increasing the heat and working at an even deeper level.

    Shots fired deep into the fatty tissue work to blast out fat cells using heat, and the more superficial cartridge helps to trigger tightening on the skin’s surface.


    HIFU is considered one of the best technologies to gain BIG anti aging results for your clients.

    It’s an intense treatment that creates an insightful change deep within the skin’s layers.  

    Technicians delivering the treatment should do so with confidence, as it must be delivered safely and effectively to ensure not only results, but no damage.

    Clients see long term and dramatic changes from the treatment.

    With some equipment, only one treatment will be needed and no more should be delivered over the next 12-18 months.

    Some equipment works best with multiple treatments.

    Either way, it works very well as a kickstart to a big skin transformation as full results take around 3 months. Alongside booster treatments that focus on muscle tone and skin condition, a good home product plan and a supplement range, dramatic makeovers can happen.

    The treatments can be a little uncomfortable for clients due to the depth of treatment.


    As a practitioner you can charge a high fee for HIFU.

    Treatments can be delivered in sectional areas – i.e. lower face, forehead, neck etc or as a full face and neck service.

    I have seen prices range from £499 for a full face and neck up to £2,500 in high end clinics.


    Like any equipment in our industry, you have a full range of options available to you.

    But this is one technology that I would highly recommend you choose a more advanced piece of machinery.

    This is not ‘gentle’ technology. It creates an insightful change that gives amazing results. With that however, comes the need for precision, accuracy and an attitude of caution.

    The technology behind HIFU is advanced, and therefore, can’t be utilised safely and effectively in inexpensive machines.

    The key is the level of ‘focus’ used during treatment. In order to safely deliver compounded heat to the lower levels, the shots of ultrasound must be extremely accurate – otherwise they can fire in all directions and cause all sorts of damage.

    If HIFU is a service you’d like to bring on into your business, you’ll need to make a substantial investment into the right equipment to ensure what you’re doing is safe.

    But, with the right machine, training and delivery you can create BIG results and charge even bigger prices.

    I’d recommend it to technicians who have extensive knowledge of skin, a passion for delivering big transformations and technicians who want to earn well from their business.


    HIFU is an incredibly lucrative and effective treatment to have in your salon or clinic.

    You’ll need to be able to make the financial investment to purchase a reasonable machine as safety with this level of technology is imperative to protect you and your clients.

    A passion for skin is advantageous as it works really well as a one off treatment or as part of a makeover or transformation package.

    It’s a higher priced treatment which means you’ll have to work harder to market the treatment

    However, profit levels are exceptionally good so advertising campaigns delivered professionally can bring qualified clients.

    It’s a fabulous option for an established business where a confident and knowledgeable technician can happily work at this level with clients.

    Making sure your insurance covers these treatments too is important as well as an involved consultation and record keeping process to ensure they safety for all.



        • Financially stable and able to invest in quality equipment.

        • Established database to market to

        • Confidence in delivering high end treatments

        • Passion for skin and transformations

        • Desire to learn the intricacies of the technology to keep your clients safe

      To see some amazing providers of this incredible technology, take a look at The Source.

      Its packed with suppliers and helpful info and is free to access – just click here

      I hope this helped!

      Much love

      Hollie x

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