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Who are Loop HR?!

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What’s the story behind Loop HR?

Meet Ian Egerton, the visionary behind Loop HR, whose story unfolds directly from the salon floor. Juggling his role as hairdresser and salon manager, Ian found himself caught in a whirlwind of chaotic leadership that threatened to burn out not just him, but his entire team.

As a manager of a sizable business, Ian identified some key pain points – with most revolving around money. In the relentless pursuit of income, he realised the profound impact that salary structures can have on the well-being and performance of the entire team. The need for change was clear, and because of this, the strategies that followed became the foundation for Loop HR. But this isn’t just a story of a single moment; it’s a story of evolution. What started as a personal quest for structure and balance, would eventually turn into a powerful HR software solution. At the time, there was little choice in ways to navigate complex salon operations, things were fragmented, and salon owners were left battling office tasks, tracking work hours calculating targets and holiday commissions, tweaking pay systems to work better and spending hours processing payroll, everything felt like an uphill battle.

So, in 2018, after a few software attempts, Loop HR was born – a beacon of absolute clarity
for an industry that felt closed, where salon owners were left struggling to create effective
pay structures or escape the mind-numbing tasks around people management. Today Loop
HR gives you an organised salon management structure, and a transformational approach to
human resources.

What is the inspiration behind Loop HR?

At the core of Loop HR’s evolution are three distinct influences: Apple’s commitment to
practical design and brilliant function; Cirque du Soleil’s collaborative talent; and Vidal
Sassoon’s spirit for innovation and precision. Taking a page from Apple’s book, Ian and his team strive for tools that balance style and function. The goal is simple: deliver solutions that make life easier for salon owners and their crucial assets – the employees.
The famous Cirque du Soleil, human circus, also helped shape Loop HR’s principles. The precision and trust observed in their performances, inspired the creation of tools that simplify and connect management processes. The Performance Pay system, for instance, is a brilliant solution designed to transform how professionals in the hair and beauty industry are rewarded, fostering trust and the feeling of being valued. Ian takes a straightforward approach, saying “Finding new ways to do known things is good, but creating tools that have never existed is exhilarating.” This mindset propels Loop HR’s constant drive for innovation. As Vidal Sassoon would say, “You either create something and you keep it a secret and you die with it, or you can benefit the craft”. It is Loop HR mission to benefit the craft of salon management.

What sets Loop HR Apart from generic HR software?

In a sea of HR software options, Loop HR stands tall, not just as another generic system, but as a tailored solution designed for the nuances of the salon industry and its people.

1. Precision Pay and Commission Structures:

Loop HR doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach to anything, least of all pay structures. We recognise the diverse needs of salons, providing five distinctive pay systems, each designed to suite different salon teams and cultures. Our systems offer unique insights into employee performance, with effective performance management tools to better engage employees. From an administration point of view, Loop HR simplifies every element of pay and payroll. Our unique processes reduce the stress of target setting, calculating salaries and holiday commissions. All data feeds into our Payroll report, simplifying financial structures saving you hours of administration time.

2. Dynamic Scheduling for Efficiency:

Our scheduling feature goes beyond basic planning. It ensures precise target setting, automated calculations for work hours, overtime, banked time, holidays, and pro-rata allowances. For us, it’s about simplifying the complex, so you can focus on what matters most – running your salon.

3. Customized Continual Professional Development (CPD):

We understand that salon professionals require specific training. Loop HR’s Continual Professional Development (CPD) feature, empowers managers to easily create in-house training sessions, manage external training, share training materials, get employee feedback and monitor training budgets – everything is accessible to team members via their phones.

4. Streamlined Performance Reviews:

No more stress when organising reviews or paperwork getting lost. Loop HR makes performance reviews a breeze. Template reviews are ready to go out of the box, allowing you to manage reviews from anywhere, store all information securely in one place. Conducted in-person reviews or manage the process remotely. Our platform ensures a smooth and efficient process, eliminating the hassle of lost reports and juggling notes. And for your team, the process is all managed within Loop HR ensuring everything is user friendly and easy to understand.

5. Salon-Centric Employee Engagement:

Recognising that a salon’s success hinges on its people, Loop HR places employee engagement at the forefront of its work. The employee portal uses familiar salon language, making it easy to navigate with many opportunities for engagement, encouraging a collaborative and a thriving salon community.

Because, in a world where every detail matters, Loop HR goes beyond HR basics to offer a comprehensive solution crafted specifically for the vibrant and dynamic landscape of the hair and beauty industry.

What’s next for Loop HR?

We work with salon owners to develop practical, useful management tools. This alongside Ian’s passion for simplifying process, collectively this drives innovation for future salon management functions. So, in 2024, we will see the launch of a brand-new salary and target setting features (more to be revealed in Q1) and for your team, Employee Career Progression features designed to help inspire and retain team members. Loop HR, transforms HR from a hassle to a strategic advantage, our tailored solutions redefine industry standard practices. Join us and simplify management tasks, engage your team, and stay ahead with beautiful innovation. Loop HR: Simplifying salon management, organising data and empowering salon people!

Loop HR have a December Offer on The Salon Source which you can find HERE!

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