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Getting started with machines (even if you’re a one-man band!)

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that you need to be a huge business with lots of staff before you can start to offer advanced treatments in your business.

But smaller salons, home salons, even mobile salons can really take advantage of offering results driven treatments to clients, without it needing to be a huge expense and a huge ongoing cost.

In fact, smaller businesses would really benefit because they have, generally, less hours in which to generate a healthy income.


I’m VERY much an advocate for encouraging work life balance. Your business should work for you, not the other way round!

I love seeing salon owners flourish because they have the right equilibrium in their life so they can work the hours they choose and have the life they choose to.

A solopreneur working from home for instance, might decide to just work the hours their kids are at school, or maybe it’s someone who loves to travel at weekends and only wants to work 3 days a week.

The issue that arises with this, versus a large company with hours of manpower, is the time you have available to make money is more limited.

Maybe its 15 or 20 hours a week. And those hours need to count.

They need to bring you in enough income so that you only need to work in the windows that you choose.


A simple way of doing that of course, is making your time more valuable.

And this often comes in the form of your offering being perceived of higher value, because you offer something that no one else does.

One way (not the only way of course) is by bringing machines into your treatments.

Machines that hep you to gain a more impactful result for your client.

A facial can be super boosted using some well-established technology that lifts, resurfaces, boosts and balances.

And don’t believe you HAVE to spend £70k on a machine to make it high value.

There is a lot of great technology that can be brought into treatments for a much more manageable investment – without breaking the bank!

Technology that your clients will love and will return for time and time again.

And remember – clients don’t care what the machine cost. They only care that it works and gets them the results they want.


Of course, you should only make an investment if its manageable for you.

But, assuming you’ve some room to spend a little, you can gain a lot!

  1. Think about the results you want for your clients! What do you want to be known for?
  2. Think about technologies that enhance what you offer (check out our full technology guide in our ‘Beauty and aesthetic equipment guide)
  3. See what local businesses offer in the marketplace – is it saturated? Or maybe there’s a gap?

If you think your business would benefit from some extra income, without making a huge investment, we’ve got some fabulous companies in The Source who offer great Kickstarter offers and lower startup costs.

Our friends at Smart Group get serious with their range of equipment with everything from mesotherapy, hair removal and skin rejuvenation – with start-up costs starting at just £50 per month.

Check out Silhouette – British based and around since 1974, they offer an array of machines to lift, tighten, tone, anti-age and more – with devices starting from as little as £415+VAT and free training with some of their machines.

And take a look at Skinbase – who offer a unique £0 start up with pay as you go options in hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

So, you don’t need to be huge to offer huge results! There are brands ready and willing to help you on your journey to more profits and more results!

You can see everything here –

Hollie Power - Ex Spa Owner
Hollie Power

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