But before we get started, there’s a few things you should know.

The goal during your partnership with us is to help you make valuable connections with qualified salon owners who are interested in your products and services.

We have had a flood of salon owners feeding back how extremely valuable the source has been for them.

But there are certainly some brands who receive more views, connections and interest. So we have taken the time to evaluate which brands attract the most traffic and why, to help you to get the same results our most popular partners do.

These tips will help you to stand out, get leads and make the most of the platform.

Please note, if you’d rather not feature salon offers, or what’s new updates, there is no requirement to. You can choose on which features you’d like to sit.


Your brand profile will showcase all of your brand information in one, easy to read double page spread within your relevant Source edition.

This is your ‘Visibility’ space.

This space is where we will point interested potential clients to – and where they will find you when they are looking to discover someone new.

Therefore, make sure what you add here is comprehensive!

High res imagery and logos will make your page look more aesthetically pleasing.

Links to a YouTube video will engage viewers

Think of 5 powerful brand benefits that salon owners would be draw in by

Really consider your USP.

Create customised call to actions if you can. Having a clear journey for your potential clients to make contact will make their experience better and help you track enquiries.

This page will general stay the same (unless you have big brand changes) throughout your time with us – so ensure the information you add is clear, concise and relevant.

We will use the information you provide, as you provide it, so please ensure pages stay live, information relevant and spelling and grammar on point.

If you are a product supplier, you can complete your information here

If you are a software supplier, you can complete you information here


Our monthly offers page is extremely popular and is highly anticipated by our audience!

Placing something on here is a powerful way to make connections.

You are welcome to place whatever you choose on here – but, we will make some suggestions to get you as much interest as possible.

BIG packages with big discounts are great – but it’s unlikely salon owners will invest big money on impulse.

A smaller, more affordable offer will get more interest.

Create something unique that they cant get elsewhere.

Change your offer every month*

We’d recommend – a very small sample kit if possible for a reasonable fee that allows them to experience your product or service, and start to build a relationship. This gets them trying your brand and gives you the opportunity to communicate with them beyond.

*All offers must change monthly to create variety for the audience.


No industry gets as excited about what’s new in the salon world.

It’s such a sparkly, gorgeous ever evolving world of wonder.

And we want to share your wonder with our network.

New treatments, products, machines? Let us tell them about it.

New website? Lets link it!

New rebrands? Let us show it off.

If you want the salon world to know about it, this is the space to show them.

Offers For Salon Owners