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Microneedling in your salon

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As a salon owner, how do you know which technology is right for YOUR business? There are so many incredibly advanced technologies in our industry – almost to the point overwhelm. 

And the research journey can be a difficult one. 

Many brands are there to show you the path, but the path inevitably leads to their machines. 

When I had my spa, I found it’s extremely frustrating to find the right machines to invest in. 

There is no one size fits all formula when it comes to running a successful salon or spa. 

As the owner of your business, you have to work out what will;


  • Work for you
  • Work for your clients
  • Be profitable
  • Get results


And when you can tick all these boxes, you’ll be able to move forward with the right technology. 

But in order to do that, we need to start looking a little deeper at different types of advanced treatments and whether they might be suitable for you in your salon. 

I want to talk about HOW the technology works, what it does, the results you can expect and what you can charge, in depth. 

When you decide if the technology is right for you, you can seek the perfect supplier who can serve you at the level you need. 

We will look at – 







So, let’s get started. 


What is Microneedling?

Believe it or not, the concept of using micro needling to treat skin imperfections has been in use since 1905 and has become an extremely popular cosmetic treatment.

Using small sterilised needles, either through a roller or a machine, tiny micro-injuries are made on the surface of the skin.

These micro-injuries cause a flush of collagen and elastin to heal the skin, thus plumping out fine lines and wrinkles. 


How Does Microneedling Work?

Essentially, microneedling encourages the skin to create more collagen and elastin.

It does this by inducing micro-injuries or small traumas to the skin using sterilised needles via custom made tools.

The tiny holes can also create channels to infuse serums and active ingredients into the lower levels of the skin, thus creating a more effective outcome – although the microneedling alone will give some results. 

You may have heard it referred to as collagen induction therapy also. This is because you are inducing collagen production within the treatment. 

Usually, a numbing cream is applied to the skin to reduce any discomfort. 

Then either a roller or machine is used to puncture tiny holes in the outer layer of the skin producing new collagen rich tissue. 



A roller is a simple, often one-use (disposed off after for hygiene reasons), piece of equipment that is rolled across the skin by the technician. 

The depth of the needles is dependent on the desires of the treatment and the concerns being targeted,  as well as which part of the body the treatment is delivered to.


Microneedling Machine or Pen?

A machine or pen will work to move needles in and up and down method, pulsing to create the punctures. These can often be adjusted so the same needle can work at different depths giving a more flexible treatment. 

Puncture depths can be anywhere between 0.25 millimetres to 2 millimetres. 


What Results Can You Get From Microneedling?

Microneedling is a ‘multi-stage’ based treatment. 

Initially, after treatment your clients will feel warm, red and a little sore, but this will diminish quickly and clients can use makeup usually the following day, but avoid sun. 

The collagen induction happens at around 3-6 months and this is when the results really start to show. 

Some clients need 4-6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart (dependent on area, depth and equipment) 

Microneedling can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and stretch marks. It can also help with hair loss issues. 

Results can be significant with multiple treatments and the right aftercare. 


How Much Can You Charge For Microneedling?

Clinics charge anywhere from £100 to £350 per session. There are additional add-ons you can include to further enhance results including LED light therapy and mesotherapy which is the introduction of vitamins, amino acids and enzymes into the skin. 


How Much Does  A Microneedling Machine Cost?

Professional single use derma rollers can start from £12+ Vat

Micro needling machines start from Around £500 + VAT up to £2000 + VAT

Pens £150 + VAT up to around £1500 + VAT


Is Microneedling Right For Your Salon Business?

Micro needling can be a very lucrative and results driven treatment in your business. 

However, being that you are dealing with breaking the skin, you need to consider your environment and delivery methods. 

Microneedling should only be delivered within a sterile environment, that is well lit, by someone with a good understanding of skin. 

However, the fact you can deliver the service quickly, add additional extras on to enhance results and deliver multiple sessions around a month apart, means you can gain amazing results at a profitable rate. 

Add in additional skincare, supplements and other treatments to work at deeper cellular levels or to enhance – ie radio frequency, HIFU, Microcurrent etc, this can form the basis of a fabulous skincare transformation. 


Microneedling Ticklist

  • Clean and sterile environment 
  • You might need a licence from your local council – this changes per area
  • Passion for skin 
  • Ability to deliver treatments that may cause discomfort 


Click here to find out more about choosing and investing in machines and equipment. Everything you need to know is at The Salon Source!

Find more of our amazing blogs at The Salon Source.

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