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Bringing to you – What’s New?! In the ever evolving world of beauty, staying afront of the latest news, technology and developments is key!

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Let’s see What’s New…

Katherine Daniels

Launching in salons from July 3rd our new Multi-Vitamin Concentrate.

A supercharged 3-in -1 concentrate to brighten, plump and perfect your skin.

Containing 10% Vitamin C (3-0 Ethyl Ascorbic Acid) + 5% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) + Hyaluronic Acid (low molecular weight).

We’ve taken a trio of powerhouse ingredients, combining them into 1 supercharged cocktail. Each ingredient works in unison with the others. Giving the ultimate balance of strength and function.

It’s time to dial up skin brightness, protect and repair your skin, minimise the 4 main signs of skin ageing and promote clarity and blemish healing.

Trade Price £27.08 RRP £65.00 (that’s our usual 50% net retail margin)

For more information about becoming a Katherine Daniels Pro stockist visit their website HERE.

Discover more HERE about Katherine Daniels.

The Salon Source by Salonology. What's New.

Not only are Katherine Daniels launching a new product, they also scoop a hatrick of awards at The Attracta Beauty Awards 2023!! 

Not only did our bestselling moisturiser Dry Skin Rich Cream win the Best Luxury Day Moisturiser award. Our multi-award-winning facial SPF, Daily DNA Defence SPF30 brought home yet another win for the Best SPF award. If this wasn’t enough, our newest addition to Katherine Daniels, Pure Pigment Foundation Drops was awarded with Best Foundation PLUS honoured with (1 of only 10) Haute-Beauty Awards! To receive one, you must be amongst the highest scoring products in the competition.

A hattrick for Katherine Daniels and reassurance for you, that you are giving your skin the best. 


Introducing… the world’s first LIVE Probiotics to boost the effects of aesthetic treatments. Pre and post-treatment trio improves the results of non-invasive skin procedures. World-leading microbiome skincare brand, Esse, announces the launch of its latest application for live probiotics. The biotech skincare brand has created products containing Lactobacillus bacteria to boost the effect of medical aesthetic treatments. Non-invasive ageing interventions like microneedling, laser resurfacing and deep peels are now widely used in medical aesthetics. These treatments are generally effective, but not entirely risk-free. Esse has drawn upon its 10 years of research in the skin microbiome to improve the overall efficacy of these treatments by reducing inflammation, speeding recovery, and reducing adverse outcomes. These ground-breaking formulations were developed by Esse founder, Trevor Steyn, and his experienced research team.

Over the years Esse has honed its delivery of probiotic bacteria. This new offering is the pinnacleof its microbial encapsulation technology, in which live bacteria are kept dormant in soluble capsules until application. Click HERE to read more about these products.

Find out more about Esse HERE!

The Salon Source by Salonology. What's New.

Harley Wax – Lets see What’s New!

Harley Wax Heaters are now back in stock! We are excited to share that our long awaited heaters are now back in stock with the addition of our new 800ml/800ml heater.

Harley’s dual heaters are perfect for any busy Therapist or Salon. Beautifully designed with a transparent lid to help keep moisture out. The heaters come with individual switches meaning you can heat whichever wax you need.

Harley’s cartridge and dual heaters are compatible with any of our strip wax, which are designed to be placed into the heater helping avoid mess and waste. Visit our website or contact our sales team to find out more.

Read more about Harley HERE!

The Salon Source by Salonology. What's New.

Sienna X

Introducing Sienna X Express 1hr+ Spray Tan Solution. A new addition to our professional tan range, designed specifically for olive/deep skin tones and those who tan easily. 

Unique Selling Points –

  • Rapid Development: A beautiful tan in just one hour or more, customers can choose their desired shade of bronze.
  • Natural DHA: Our solution contains 100% natural DHA.
  • Skin Nourishment: Enriched with Q10, Vitamin E, 
  • Green Tea, and Aloe Vera, our formula moisturises and nourishes the skin during the tanning process.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Customers can enjoy their tan for 5-7 days.
  • Expert-Only: Sienna X Express 1HR+ is exclusively for professional use, ensuring superior application and results.

You can watch the Sienna Spray Tan routine HERE!

Also, we have recently launched a new addition to our skincare range The Massage Candle

Created with superior skin nourishing ingredients, indulge the senses with The Massage Candle by Sienna X. Blended with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E, skin is intensively hydrated with these premium ingredients that easily glide onto the skin once the candle has been lit and transformed to a luxury massage oil. The oil assists in reducing scars and facilitating healing from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis when used during massage. Practicing a holistic approach to wellbeing, unwind with the relaxing scent of Geranium, Sandalwood and Lavender Essential Oil. Housed in infinitely recyclable aluminum to remain kind to planet.

Check out more information on Sienna X HERE.

Opatra Dome – What’s New?!

The Opatra dome is the worlds most advanced skin detection analyser that captures multispectral photos of the face, examining the complexion of fine lines and wrinkles, spots, pores, texture, porphyrins, UV spots, moisture and pigmentation.

The Opatra clinically measures the surface and sub surface of the skin using state of the art digital imagery, using RGB visible light, PL polarised light and UV spectrum imaging technology. This is then dissected by Artificial intelligence and imagery analysis to provide a multi-layered insight into your skin’s current health which include your skin’s current age and a visual projection and insight into how your skin will look in 5 and 10 years.

The Salon Surce by Salonology. What's New.

The Wax Pad

After becoming completely frustrated because I was unable to find a product to fit my couch I developed “The Wax Pad” , Protective covers for salons, therapists, aesthetics and healthcare providers. They are completely sustainable, antibacterial, antifungal, fire resistant & UV resistant and all items are all handmade. The material is tremendously soft and extremely comfortable and comes in a variety of colours! The big news is that my products are now reaching as far as New Zealand and Mozambique internationally!

Check out The Wax Pad special offer HERE!

The Salon Source by Salonology. The Wax Pad.

For all things The Salon Source, click HERE!


Sebo Balance is a professional facial treatment for combination and oily acne-prone skin types, it targets imperfections and rebalances skin. MAVEX Forever is a professional skincare range that harnesses the unique anti-ageing properties of Ganoderma; a large, shiny, smooth tree fungus known in Far Eastern medicine as an elixir of life! 

– Improves cell renewal and reduces wrinkle depth
– Improves skin hydration and tone
– Anti-oxidant properties fight Ageing caused by time and exposure to sunlight
– Stimulates collagen synthesis

Would you like a peak into the MAVEX laboratories in Switzerland where all our treatments and products are made? This video has been put together to help our MAVEX salon owners with marketing MAVEX treatments on your salon social media pages or websites.

To find out more about Sebo Balance, Forever or any other MAVEX treatments and skincare, as well as beautifully packaged MAVEX retail items, you can visit our website –


The Phorest Summer Collection is officially live and available to Phorest salons and spas across the UK and Ireland. With a suite of product updates, brand new features and an industry first, the Summer Collection is guaranteed to excite salon and spa owners, helping them continue to take their business to the next level.

Unlock the Potential of Social Media Ads

No Phorest Collection is complete without a headline act, and it’s safe to say that the Phorest Ads Manager is just that. This industry first will allow salons and spas to run social media ads via Facebook and Instagram, all from the comfort of their Phorest system. Whether salons are looking to attract new customers, target existing clients or target those who haven’t visited the salon in the last 6 months, the Phorest Ads Manager is an extra layer in a salon’s marketing strategy. Click HERE for more info.

PhorestGo 2.0. The Ultimate Companion for Your Salon Team

It’s no secret that the PhorestGo app is already much loved by salon and spa owners and their teams. However, Phorest has been working closely with real hair and beauty professionals to make it even more powerful and intuitive to use. Introducing PhorestGo 2.0: the same app that you know and love but with a whole suite of improvements. For more info, click HERE.

Give Your Clients the Personal Shopping Experience

According to Phorest research, 54% of clients who aren’t buying retail products from their salon or spa want to, they just haven’t had the conversation with their service provider. This is where Expert Recommendations steps in. It gives staff members the ability to send links to recommended products directly to the client after their appointment, saving time, increasing retail revenue and improving salon-client communication. Click HERE to learn more.

Premium Consultations for Clear Communication and Impeccable Care

Premium Consultations will enhance the consultation experience with the Before & After photos, Facemapping and Mark-Up functionality, giving service providers tools to illustrate and visually communicate treatments and results–a must-have for businesses who perform aesthetic treatments. For more info on Premium Consultations, click HERE.

Phorest Reports. Now with More Dashboards for Even More Insight

Accurate and trustworthy data is key for any business owner to keep their finger on the pulse and be ready to maximize opportunities when they present themselves. Dig deep into your client retention and lifetime value of your clients in two robust new dashboards. Phorest’s improved reporting will help salon and spa owners make sharper business decisions. Read more HERE!

The Salon Source by Salonology. Phorest

Own Lable Skincare

With its unwavering commitment to excellence, quality, and innovation, Buddha Beauty has taken another significant step towards the future of skincare. The company has recently launched a dedicated website, aiming to provide a distinct platform for salon, spa, and clinic owners. This unique initiative is designed to offer businesses their own branded range of skincare products, without any minimum order quantity (MOQ) or start-up costs.

In today’s ever-evolving beauty market, brand individuality and a unique selling proposition are vital for standing out from the competition. Understanding this, Buddha Beauty has built the Own Label Skincare platform. It empowers businesses to develop their own skincare line under their branding, whilst ensuring the product’s quality is in line with Buddha Beauty’s respected standards.

The beauty of this platform is its flexibility. It completely eradicates the barriers of MOQs and hefty start-up costs often associated with launching a private skincare line. This, in turn, provides a fantastic opportunity for smaller salons, spas, and clinics to amplify their brand identity and customer loyalty through their unique skincare line.

Moreover, to uphold the values of conscious beauty, all products offered on the platform are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Buddha Beauty’s dedication to ethical beauty practices is woven into the fabric of Own Label Skincare. This empowers businesses to not only offer superior skincare products to their customers but also contribute positively to a sustainable, ethical beauty industry.

You can learn more HERE!

The Salon Source by Salonology.

VU Nail Systems

With an amazing husband and two wonderful children, she loved being a Mum. Six or seven years on after learning a new skill, a hobby, that very quickly grew into a successful business.

Her mothership:

A nail and beauty salon achieving a 5 star award for the business and services with five nail techs, two beauty therapists and always an apprentice to teach.

Her academy:

Realising she had a passion to teach. A real sense of achievement watching the growth of another business being taught, guided and encouraged by herself.

Her Weapons:

Creating her own professional nail product systems for all nail techs from beginner to advanced and creative.

Tracy has appeared in the leading nail magazine ‘Scratch’ with continued monthly product press. She is a member of the FNP with a licence to teach status. She loves to teach, but also loves to learn, and continued her studies with L1 CPD accreditation in mindset.

Family is important to her and is extremely lucky to now have 2 grandchildren. She will always find time to assist her son and daughter in building their business’s whilst spending precious time with her grandchildren. Often walking their gorgeous golden-doodle and helping with the horse and stable duties. 

Tracy will never miss a chance to enjoy social gatherings and occasionally on a campsite rounding up the family. She sees as many theatre shows as possible and is a big football fan, doesn’t attend as many matches these days but jumps at the chance when she can.

Nail your brand… nail salon success

My mission is to empower knowledge & growth to salon owners & technicians through experience beyond a textbook.

Driven by my values of passion, honesty, integrity, education & the highest level of service.

I believe, in everything I do, I’m here to elevate confidence & build relationships with our experts, opening minds to reach goals and be the change they desire.

Grab yourself a FREE download HERE!

The Salon Source by Salonology. VU

Clever Beauty

Clever Beauty, powered by the renowned Healthxchange Group. Supplying premium aesthetic and wellness products to beauty industry professionals across the UK and Ireland.

By joining the Clever Beauty group, you’ll have exclusive access to first-class brands such as jane iredale – THE SKINCARE MAKEUP®Jan Marini Skin Research®Dr LEVY Switzerland® and more. We also supply industry-leading skin analysis devices such as OBSERV®DiamondGlow® as well as other salon consumables.

Whether you are starting up a business or looking to scale up your beauty empire, our team of skilled business development managers and trainers will support you achieve your goals.

Backed by many years of combined industry experience, our expert team will collaborate with you to:

  • Execute cutting-edge business strategies focused on maximum profit return
  • Achieve optimal patient results through in-clinic treatments and homecare, resulting in increased patient satisfaction and engagement
  • Provide extensive product training and educational events (either on-demand from the comfort of your home or clinic; or at one of our sleek academy sites across the UK and in Ireland). Our CPD-certified courses and events will ensure you and your team are brand-qualified to safely and confidently treat your clients
  • Deliver comprehensive marketing support, including trend-worthy social media content designed to help your business and patient results stand out

Through an integrated working approach, underpinned by an ethos of providing exceptional service and prestige products and services, we’re committed to helping you excel.

Aqua Natural

Talc is widely used within the beauty industry for cosmetics and personal care. The Johnson & Johnson talc has been household name used, especially on infants. But the fears of traces of asbestos has caused concerns on its safety, with possible links with ovarian cancer.

A safe and proven alternative is pharma talc used for tableting. We believe our Pure Fine Talc to be superior and safe. As a company we have sourced the talc that is keeping in line with ethos of our product range to be certified Cruelty Free and registered with the Vegan Society!

Holistic Therapies Training Academy

We are an established beauty and massage training school, offering a large range of beauty, massage, complementary therapies and sport courses. Due to their student reach, courses are run as online and classroom based, (dependant on course.) They offer both accredited and VTCT qualifications.

 We are excited to announce we’re growing ABT online accredited courses, featured on their ‘NEW’ student portal. All courses are currently being migrated over, those looking to learn a new skill, refresh an old one; and don’t have the time to attend training in person, this option is ideal. You can study in the comfort of your own home or salon and attend a live video call with us to cement and consolidate your learning. Our available courses for this style of learning are growing so if there is a course you would like to learn (sorry, apart from advanced therapies) please drop us a message and we can see if its possible.

All our ABT online accredited courses are currently £97. However we are offering all Salon source readers a discount – find that HERE! It is only limited to 20 spaces, so once they have gone the offer will


Click HERE for the link to our ABT online courses currently available. Or HERE for more information on Holistic Therapies Training.

The Salon Source by Salonolgy. Holistic Therapy Training.

Sculpt Pro

Hydra Touch H2 from Sculpt Pro is a multi-functional skin health platform. Offering advanced non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments, combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection.

Hydra Touch H2 has the flexibility to meet the needs of your practice as well as your patients. With customisable treatment protocols and targeted solutions that address the most common skin concerns. 

We are thrilled to share the outstanding results achieved by the Hydra Touch H2! Don’t just take our word for it – see it for yourself.

When you invest in Hydra Touch H2, you receive much more than just a device. Our business package is included in every purchase! So you can rest assured that you will obtain all the support you need to grow your business. Find out more HERE!


The 3-mode Celluma RESTORE is the first red light therapy device to be FDA-cleared. To treat three common concerns of the mature individual in a single LED light therapy machine. Addressing hair growth, aging skin, and acne conditions. The Celluma RESTORE is versatile, convenient, and easy-to-use in a clinical setting or at home. Celluma’s patented, shape-taking design permits customised placement over the head to effectively deliver red light light energy and promote hair growth. 

Whole-Body Benefits

Additionally, the Celluma RESTORE can be placed anywhere on the body. This can reduce acne and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Low-level light therapy (LLLT) is a proven, effective, and safe treatment for hair loss, aging skin, and a variety of skin conditions. LED red light therapy devices have been cleared by the FDA for treatment of male and female pattern hair loss. It helps to proliferate hair follicle size and prevent catagen hair development (the end of the active growth of a hair).

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