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Bringing to you – What’s New?! In the ever evolving world of beauty, staying afront of the latest news, technology and developments is key! Because of this, we are providing you with the latest ‘What’s New’ – all the news and updates from our partners and beyond. Giving you a whole salon world update straight into your inbox!

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Artejano Spa & Salon Wear is a small team of designers and manufacturers based in Wiltshire, England.

We produce luxury s-t-r-e-t-c-h uniforms using breathable, temperature regulating fabrics. We produce tunics and trousers, stain resistant fabrics for aprons and anti microbial fabrics for face coverings.  All products are manufactured in-house, this also includes the personalising of uniforms using embroidery.

Also – did you know that Artejano’s ‘Outlet’ section of the website has some great bargains? Check them out HERE!

*Due to supply circumstances beyond our control, any new orders from the main section of the website will currently only be manufactured in Black. A number of colours are avaible for trims.

The Salon Source by Salonology. Artejano

Circadia Skin UK

Circadia’s first new launch of 2023 is Serum 71, a product designed to deliver brightening, lightening and tightening effects for all skin types

With the strapline “a nod to the past, with an eye on the future”. The new serum is a tribute to Circadia’s founder Dr Peter Pugliese’s contributions throughout his career as a chemist. 71 refers to the year he joined The Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

The active formula contains a trio of active ingredients – tranexamic, mandelic and azelaic acids.

Among the ingredients are beta-glucan and neodermyl, a copper peptide claimed to help rebuild collagen and elastin.

“There are many ingredients that have become traditional features in skincare formulations. “Each of these ingredients came from a person or group of people who were passionately pursuing them.”

The company describes Serum 71 as “innovative for our times without sacrificing the work that went into creating it”.

Read more about Circadia HERE and you can shop HERE!

Pinks Boutique

It’s the news you have all been waiting for…our sarongs are back in some new colours! We are bringing you some beautiful new colours for the summer collection- ocean themed.

The summer collection colours include: 



OCEAN BLUE (new colour)

NAVY (new colour)

Shop all of the sarongs on our HERE. We have a special offer from Pinks Boutique – check it out HERE!

We are beyond excited to have our well-loved sarongs back!

Please note that these are not available on B2B, only our website but they are the trade price on the website.


What’s New?! The 200ml Natural sanitiser cleanser! A new first step for the calluspeeling treatment. Natural Sanitizer Cleanser sanitizes and cleanses hands and feet thoroughly whilst respecting skin’s hydrolipid balance. It removes both impurities and sweat effectively. It creates an invigorating and refreshing sensation, leaving skin feeling pleasantly clean, fragrant and soft to the touch.

5in1 hydro-alcohol-based sanitising cleanser containing a synergistic complex of medicinal plant extracts with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. The sanitiser cleanser contains alcohol, essential oils of Tea Tree, Thyme, Mint and plant-based. This gently cleanses, moisturises and nourishes the skin. Balsamic essential oils extracted from medicinal plants known for their antiseptic and purifying properties against viruses, germs, bacteria and fungi. Givinga pleasant sensation of freshness, deodorises Mint Essential oil is used. Ensuring a delicate fragrance with relaxing and purifying properties. Its texture is light and quickly absorbed and thanks to its practical spray dispenser it can be dispensed very easily. It does not foam up and does not require rinsing. 

Because Natural Sanitizer Cleanser consists of 99% natural ingredients and does not contain artificial fragrances, its pleasant scent exclusively derives from plant extracts.

Read more about Mavex UK HERE!

The Salon Source by Salonology.

Holistic Therapies Training

Holistic Therapies Training Academy is an established beauty and massage training school, founded by Karen Ashton in 2007, offering a large range of beauty, massage, complementary therapies, sports, and fitness courses. They based near the beautiful coastline of North Devon, because of this, they are run as online and classroom based, depending on the course. Both accredited and VTCT qualifications are offered. Holistic Therapies Training Academy are excited to announce their growing ABT online accredited courses, featured on their ‘NEW’ student portal. For those lacking time to attend in-person training, this option is ideal for learning a new skill or refreshing an old one. You can also study in the comfort of your own home or salon and attend a live video call with us to cement and consolidate your learning.

Our available courses for this style of learning are growing. If there is a course, not currently listed, you would like to learn (sorry, apart from advanced therapies) please drop us a message and we can see if its possible.

Holistic Therapies Training also have a special offer for our Source readers – click HERE!

Click HERE for the link to our ABT online courses currently available.

The Salon Source by Salonology. Holistic Therapies

Matis – What’s New?!

Matis Paris Glow-Aging wins Editor’s Choice Award at the 2023 Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby
Awards. We are excited to announce that Matis Paris Glow-Aging moisturiser has won Editor’s Choice Award at the 2023 Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards!

Glow-Aging, which was also one of the most highly voted products in its category, is the perfect multi-
tasker for all busy mamas, because of its dual action that targets wrinkles and boosts radiance, it’s a must-have for tired skin in need for a quick boost in a simplified skincare routine.

Its rich and creamy texture provides a genuine sense of comfort. Its formula blends a dual hyaluronic
acid combo to plump up and moisturise the skin, it also contains an active ingredient that relaxes the muscles. This cream for dull and tired skin contains an active ingredient obtained from micro-algae that helps to re-oxygenate and rejuvenate the skin.

This is combined with optimised vitamin C, renowned for evening out skin tone and revealing its natural glow. Finally, an exfoliating enzyme eliminates dead skin cells while gently stimulating cellular renewal. Skin is plumped up and features are relaxed, because of this, complexion is harmonious, brighter, and fresher, the skin is better oxygenated, radiant and full of vitality once more.

What is it?

Hyaluronic acid : Known to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid of high
molecular weight also hydrates and plumps the epidermis of the most dull and tired skins.
Oxygenating active ingredient : Extracted from a micro-algae, this active ingredient activates the
mitochondrial detoxification process, because the recycling of metabolic wastes is improved, and the
oxygenation of the skin is increased. The skin is brighter and fresher, also signs of fatigue are reduced.

You can shop HERE!

Loop HR

Do you offer staff training? If so, we’ve got something new for you! We have transformed the way salon owners manage training, recordkeeping and budgets! This brand NEW Loop HR feature is designed to ensure you get the best return on investment; and your team feel valued and have the tools they need to thrive! Discover how it works, book your FREE discovery call HERE! 

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The Salon Source by Salonology. What's New?!

What’s New?!

What’s New?! In the ever evolving world of beauty, staying afront of the latest news, technology and developments is key! Because of this, we are providing

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