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Salon source for salon owners and brands and suppliers

Husband and wife duo Hollie and Ryan saw a huge opportunity to create a valuable, content driven platform that was accessible to all salon owners who wanted to start exploring and discovering new suppliers and brands.

‘After owning our own day spa for over ten years, and coaching 100s of salon owners since 2014, we are only too familiar with the huge task of finding a new supplier.

Hours of research, attempting to find the information you actually need, and trying to compile everything is massively time consuming.

Our coaching company, Salonology, works to solve the issues that the average salon owner comes across, and it was clear that finding new brands was one of them.

In fact, over 70% of those interviewed said that finding a new brand was extremely difficult.

So, we solved the problem.

We asked the salon world what information they really wanted to know, and we went and got it for them, putting it together in an easy to understand platform anyone can utilise.

The Source will deliver a new and engaging way for salon owners to find, research and connect with their potential new brand partners.

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