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All you need to know about Matis!

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Matis is one of the fabulous skincare ranges in The Salon Source. We have asked them some questions, to help us learn all we need to know!

Matis Paris, the art of French skincare since 1936. Innovative formulas inspired by the best in science and nature.

Can you share the story behind the brand?

Matis has a long and valued history. Starting in 1936 Doctor Mavromati, a pharmacist who was an expert in ingredients and formulations, created his own laboratory. His discoveries included that products became more effective when combined with a holistic approach to skincare. As a pioneer, he understood that chemistry and science alone were not enough and for a product to work effectively it needed to be combined with sensory and emotional aspects. As he also developed these ideas, Dr. Mavromati opened his first store in 1946 on Rue Fontaine. This was the true development of MATIS. Since then, MATIS has celebrated women’s beauty wholeheartedly guaranteeing a Professional Beauty Expert. Today, the brand is still very much French, with a Research & Development Laboratory near Paris, where all products are developed, manufactured, packaged and shipped worldwide.

Alongside this long standing direction MATIS believe in delivering high tech products that are greener and cleaner without compromise. The Responses developed draw on the most innovative, often exclusive and always effective skin and planet friendly ingredients. With formulas that are highly concentrated and results driven, emphasising on the most potent and precious active ingredients. These are wrapped in textures that are pleasurable to use and reflect the French epicurean tradition. When combined with professional treatments they offer the most receptive conditions for visible, lasting results.

What would you say sets your products from others in the market?

When you compare MATIS to other skin care partners you will see a brand that cares about what goes into their products, a brand that is constantly evolving to ensure it is up to date with knowing and delivering what the consumer is looking for. You also get a brand that is multi functional, diverse, easily combined to create bespoke treatments and personalised plans for your customers. The technology behind the brand ensures a deliverance through holistic application that cocoons every single client, every single time.

Can you share anything new and exciting coming up?

Moving forward into 2024 as a Brand we would like to inspire and awaken the High Street Beauty Salons. Push forward with more activity supporting visits to salons within the High Street. Working closely with our partners to help drive footfall and increase the average spend per head. Developing our therapists and motivating through training, recognition and rewards. MATIS has been one of the best kept secrets in the UK for too long. It is now time to showcase the amazing ethos and deliverance of a quintessential Parisian Brand that has history, technology, vision and commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to everyone.

To help support our inspirations for 2024 we have an action packed marketing plan. We will be hitting the ground running in the first quarter with Limited edition collections for both face and body, New launches for both face & body and homecare as well as the treatment room. We will be extending our treatment offering and giving training on how to personalise and bespoke facials with tools already in place but that can be linked even further together. Continuing with trying to support every salon we offer training in Sunderland, London and occasionally onsite so working with every salon on an individual basis to achieve their personalised goals.

What is your favourite product from any of your ranges?

If I had to choose one product I could not live without – this is very difficult but it would have to be our Cell Expert serum – This product is the one thing everyone should be using. With the MATIS unique matistemCC complex from White Rose and Pea Extract, this complex supports the defence of our skin. Using Stem cell technology to increase the stem cells in the skin which protect from further environmental aggresions. Slowing down the creation of further free radicals leading to better oxygenation of the skin and supporting slowing the ageing process. Overall delivering a brighter complexion, smoother skin and more refined features. An absolute must for any skincare addict.

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