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All you need to know about Pinks Boutique

Pinks Boutique are one of the amazing brands in The Salon Source. We asked a variet of questions so we can learn all we need to know about the fabulous brand….

Can you share the story behind the brand?

We like to think Pinks Boutique has a pretty interesting origin story!! While Kirstie was busy training
2,000+ beauty therapists a year at Pinks Training Academy back in the early 2000’s, Luke was busy enjoying a career as a professional rugby player. It was this unique combination that lead to the UK’s first complete range of luxury organic treatments.
As Luke lived a more organic and natural lifestyle, looking for any advantage in performance
on the pitch, Kirstie inadvertently started so see improvements in her skin and overall health. It was
this that first prompted her to pick up a bottle of skincare, turn it around and realise very quickly that she
had no idea what any of the ingredients were that she had be putting on her skin, the largest organ in the body, for all those years prior!

This Eureka moment led her to completely rethink how products we use every day, should be formulated. Large amounts of these products are often absorbed into the skin which can find their way into our bloods streams. She set about making a Soil Association, organically accredited, range of products that therapist could be proud of putting on their clients skin, while creating fantastic results in the process.

The range today consists of over 65 organic products across face, body, hands and feet. Supported by
online training in our graduate courses, covering – facials, body massage, manicure and pedicure. All
incorporating Kirstie’s over 20 years of teaching and experiencing treatments all over the world. They
really have to be experienced to be believed.

What/who are your biggest inspirations for the brand?

Espa and Susan Harmsworth were definitely a huge source of inspiration for Pinks Boutique. Early
on the Espa Spa brand was renowned for its exceptional training, fantastic treatments and gorgeous
fragrances. Pinks Boutique was created with these same ideas in mind with so very important differences. Firstly, was that we wanted the products to be certified organic and natural so that in a world where green washing is a growing problem our customers could trust our products really did have the best ingredients.
Secondly, we wanted the products and treatments to be accessible, no huge opening order, no demands
of having to be a spa with wet facilities but instead aimed at the many amazing salons where dedicated
teams and operators deliver a wellbeing experience that can often be lacking in many of the busy spas
running today!

What would you say sets your products from others in the market?

Since the beginning our tagline has been – Complete, Professional, Organic. Meaning –
Complete – cover all the bases in beauty and holistic treatments and the products required to delivery
luxury experience across the board.

Professional only – we have steered clear of retail for one very good reason, we prefer to deal with
professionals who are loyal, fantastic brand ambassadors and are so much lovelier to deal with! So
apart from our own website and salons you can’t get Pinks Boutique anywhere else.

Organic and Natural – we are committed to only products certified organic and natural products
through the soil association, now part of COSMOS beauty certification. Therapists and their
clients can trust what we say about the quality of ingredients in our pots.

How would you describe the brands core value?

Nothing but the truth – this is something that Kirstie holds very dear in the way she not only
communicates the brand but how she communicates with her team. She has never shied away from the
what are often difficult truths, being happy to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of running a
cosmetic brand. She has seen over the years the loyalty that this brings and the benefits that come with

Can you share anything new and exciting coming up?

We not only have some fantastic new openings including the Peninsula Spa, Hyde Park, we continue
to grow our base of fantastic salon partners across the UK, we recently relaunched Pinks Training
Academy but aim to launch a new range of cleansing oils in 2024 to give us access to a more global

What is your favourite product from any of your ranges?

Our Anti-Ageing Deep Cleansing Melt. This award winning products is just the best! As an oil based
cleanser, not only does it excel at removing dirt and make up, the rich nourishing base leaves your skin
so smooth and soft that some nights I feel like I don’t even need a moisturiser.

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