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Who are Own Label Skincare by Buddha Beauty?!

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Can you share the story behind the brand?

My original career was as a flight attendant, however after 15 years in the sky, I felt it was time to hang up my wings and seek a more spiritual career. This is where I started my original journey into holistic therapies. Reiki Healing was my first therapy I trained in, closely followed by Aromatherapy, Swedish and Reflexology. So, through these treatments I gained my love of essential oil and the power of what they could achieve.

Over time, my creation of personal blends turned into creating bespoke products for treatment. Eventually through demand a brand was born! A brand I ensured was fully vegan from its launch. I do also believe we were one of the first truly vegan and cruelty-free skincare brands. My aim with this was to create a brand that was available to all. No use of animal ingredients or tests have ever been involved in what we do and we will continue all business this way!

Buddha Beauty Skincare, where natural beauty and mindfulness combine. A place where transformative skincare products have been crafted with love and care to enhance the skin’s natural health and radiance. While the delicate aromas have been chosen to lift spirits or provide calm when the mind needs it.

 This is the straightforward message the founders of the company are looking to portray.

The Buddha Beauty brand name was originally born through Llewelyn’s love of the Far East and specifically Thailand, a country renowned for it’s mysticism, beauty and allure.

 The build on the brand Llewelyn created Own Label Skincare where they offer low start up white label skincare for all brands big and small. 

What / who are your biggest inspirations behind the brand?

For me the biggest inspiration would have to be Anita Roddick. Her originality for creating the Body Shop and all that it stood for influenced me from an early age. I also loved the original brand for how it empowered women. Whilst striving for equality with her community fair trade programs around the world. 

What would you say sets your products from others in the market?

“Buddha Beauty is aimed to make you feel good” this really brings alive the simplicity of the brand. Being built around 15 years as a therapist and multi salon owner, we feel we stand apart. We understand the daily life of being a salon owner or home based therapist. 

How would you describe the brand’s core values?

A beauty brand that also gives back and helps where it can. A Buddhist principle that Llewelyn follows through his business actions.

Over the years Buddha Beauty has raised funds to build sleep pods for the homeless. Supported women refugees in Manchester. Raised funds for the rehabilitation of elephants in the Far East. We have also been supporting many other small animal charities throughout the UK.

Can you share anything new and exciting coming up?

We are working on some pre and post waxing products. Thanks to a little friend who’s a guru in the waxing industry. Hoping to have a range out in the early part of 2024.

What is your favourite product from any of your ranges?

I have to say our White grapefruit Gel Cleanser I use this daily. Followed by our Hyaluronic Acid serum and Frankincense Night Cream. They’re the products that give me the results I need for my skin type.

You can read more about Buddha Beauty in The Salon Source.

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