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Bringing to you – What’s New?! In the ever evolving world of beauty, staying afront of the latest news, technology and developments is key! Because of this, we are providing you with the latest ‘What’s New’ – all the news and updates from our partners and beyond. Giving you a whole salon world update straight into your inbox!

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Let’s see What’s New…


MATIS Paris launches their newest, most luxurious treatment – Caviar Prestige. This all round beauty treatment combines the mineral strength of French Caviar with the precious power of marine and vegetal extract. At the heart of this treatment, we have 2 innovative textures: A Revitalising Pearl Concentrate & Alginate mask with Gold Leaf Effect imprint. This exclusive duo, through their synergistic actions revive the complexion, smooth and reveal the skins natural beauty

What is it?

Caviar is a luxury culinary delicacy which has been loved for centuries. However, MATIS have studied this unique ingredient to see the benefits that it can bring outside of culinary. Rich in over 47 different nutrients Caviar maintains a healthy, even, and calmed complexion. Providing an active source of Vitamins A & E. These are powerful antioxidants to combat the harmful molecules that cause premature ageing and  skin damage. Caviar also contains Amino acids which are the building blocks of the skin. A primary function to reinforce the skins natural barrier, locking in moisture and encouraging longer lasting hydration. And one of the final key activities is a stimulator of Collagen through its peptides this encourages firmer more resilient skin with a more youthful glow.

This is just a snapshot into the key ingredient within this luxurious, exquisite range. Not only does it deliver results but is cocooning, enveloping and a stimulator of all the senses when applied.  

Why Caviar?

The Matis Caviar Line is a complete line of 8 products. This includes The Milk, a perfecting make-up remover with Damask Rose. The Essence, an award-winning silky pre-treatment toner. The line also features The Serum, an anti-ageing elixir with unparalleled sensory experience. The Cream and The Night which offer regenerating action. Lastly, The Eyes, a unique black jelly for smooth eye contour. The beauty routine is completed with The Scrub, a black granita with natural volcanic lava powder and the award-winning The Mask, a hydrating mask that leaves the skin remineralised and glowing. All of these products can be used as your home care to continue the amazing results that the Caviar Prestige will deliver.

You can read more about Matis HERE and find them in our Special Offers page HERE!


Zemits UK introduces the innovative system Zemits Friolift. The Synergy of Cold and Hot – younger looking skin in 6 treatments.

FrioLift Technology is a versatile system for estheticians seeking to address various skin concerns non-invasively. Because it’s based on best rejuvenation practices, Zemits experts have developed the Contrast Skin Rejuvenation protocol. This unique, holistic approach promotes relaxation and revitalisation without injections or surgery. Clients can enjoy a refreshing experience with noticeable improvements after their first FrioLift treatment. In addition, a series of treatments further supports the overall well-being and appearance of the skin.

Zemits feature in The Salon Source Special offers for August which you can find HERE!


Semilac’s new Autumn collection – Sunset Soirée. It’s HEMA free and vegan. It captures the essence of summer evenings filled with radiant charm, joyful laughter and endless possibilities. Inspired by the latest fashion trends from around the world, and because of this, it will ensure that your nails are always ready for the Trend Alert! View the collection HERE! You can also find Semilac on our Special offers page.


We’re excited to announce that we’re giving Atoa a glow-up! Our consumer app – Atoa Pay – has already been updated, and Atoa Business and the website are due out soon.

Here are some of the new features we’ve added:

  • Improved payment link feature: Because of our improved tracking and reminders, our payment link feature is now even easier to use. You can also use Atoa’s number to send payment links, which can help protect your privacy.
  • Ability to add multiple businesses and/or locations: You can now add multiple businesses and/or locations to your Atoa Business account, making it so easy to manage payments across all locations.
  • New online checkout plugin: We’ve just released a new online checkout plugin compatible with WordPress sites. This plugin allows you to offer the same payment processes and benefits as the Atoa app on your website.

We hope you like the new features! As always, we appreciate your feedback.

See what Atoa have on special offer HERE!

The Salon Source by Salonology. Atoa Business.

Pure Nails

Pure Nails introduces new autumn Halo Gel Polish collection – The Safari Adventure collection!

Embark on an unforgettable Safari Adventure with Halo’s NEW gel polish collection. Be mesmerized by the Serengeti sunset, as you Journey through the Jungle and explore the vast savannah. Hear the distant roaring of lions as a herd of elephants gracefully march past. Discovering the wonders of the wild, immerse yourself in the earthy hues of Lodge, Explore, Jambo and Jungle, and capture the awe-inspiring sunset with Rafiki and Serengeti all at your fingertips. Unleash the wild with Halo’s newest collection of 6 gel polishes inspired by the earthy tones of a Safari Adventure!

With easy application, amazing shine and pigmentation and 14-days of chip free wear. So amazing!

You can find Pure nails featured on the Special Offers page which you can find HERE!

The Salon Source by Salonology. Halo.

Holistic Theapies Training

New student portal for Holistic Therapies Training Academy. We are currently busy working behind the scenes to update and develop our new portal!

New features:

  • The new portal will provide more features which will benefit our students and us as admin.
  • Coursework can be uploaded for marking directly on the portal, because of this, it means no more emailing or posting your work in!
  • The student will be able to pay by PayPal as well as debit or credit card.
  • We are now approved to offer Klarna payments too, bringing more payment options to the student.
  • The modules are going to be more audio / visual, with video lessons to listen to and accompanying downloads to support each lesson. This will support more learning styles for our students.
  • There will be a membership service, COMING SOON!
  • We can sell digital downloads, useful documents to enhance your therapy business.

Holistic Therapies Training are featured on our Special Offers page which you can find HERE!

The Salon Source by Salonology. Holistic Therapies

Pocket PA

NEW! The Pocket PA Income Calculator tool is one-of-a-kind. In less than 10 seconds, you can see exactly how much you need to earn to hit your target income goal. Not just that, you will see that figure then broken down into how many clients you need to see and/or products you need to sell, in order to make it happen. 

That isn’t even the best part. It’s completely free! That’s right. You don’t need a Pocket PA subscription to use this tool, though I am pretty sure that once you see how easy it is to hit your goals, you’ll be excited to get set up on Pocket PA to keep that progress tracked! 

Our Income Calculator has helped business owners see exactly how easy it is to make their dreams a reality and often it shows just how easy creating time and money can be.

You can get started with Pocket PA HERE, because you just don’t want to miss out!

The Salon Source by Salonology. Pocket PA.

Marina Miracle

Are you a skincare professional?

We’re currently looking for professional stockists to join our ever growing UK family. If you’re a UK based skincare professional, SPA or salon, perhaps Marina Miracle could be for you and your business?

Marina Miracle is ever popular with salons and SPAs throughout Europe, and has over 50,000 satisfied customers worldwide. 

Are you interested in offering your clients a new and exciting range of award-winning, high quality organic products?

We can offer you the following:

– Amazing value stock prices, with excellent margins for you and your business
– Low price Introductory Sample Kit
– Low cost and fast shipping to the UK
– Online training of best product use
– Business support from a dedicated UK Key Account Manager
– No monthly spend or sign up required; order stock as and when you need it
– Minimum initial spend of only £500 + VAT

If you’re interested in learning more, then email us on for a non-obligation chat today. 

Also – We were thrilled and honored to receive FOUR awards at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2023!!

Awards won: 

“Best Nail Oil” – Marina Miracle Essential Nail Elixir
“Best Face Mist” – Marina Miracle Flower Berry Essence
“Editors Choice” – Marina Miracle One & Only Lip Balm
“Editors Choice” – Marina Miracle Acai Hydra Cream

There are so many amazing skincare brands out there, so to receive so much commendation is incredible!


Silhouette will be at PB North, Manchester Central on 24th – 25th September on stand S11. Come and chat to us about our exclusive show offers, or our Special offer for Salon Source readers which you can find HERE!

The Salon Source by Salonology. Silhouette.

Mother Cuppa

Mother Cuppa turns one on the 1st October. Candice launched Mother Cuppa as a result of blending teas at home to support a hormone condition she has had for 20 years and now finding herself in early menopause. Working with medicinal plants to support her body in a more natural way, Candice found them to be so good for her, she now shares those blends with other women. In celebration of this big milestone Candice has lots of activities taking place on her Instagram account should you wish to go and find out more, you can do so HERE!  

Aqua Natural

We are please to announce the……. LAUNCH OF STRIP SUGAR HAIR REMOVAL COURSE!

Looking for a completely natural hair removal system? Then strip sugar can be a choice for you and your clients. One of the oldest practices of hair removal is now in TREND and inline with present day environmental and sustainable concerns.

What makes strip sugar Clean & Green?

  • Made entirely from a blend of pure sugar syrups.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin or those with wax allergies.
  • Instantly biodegradable – dissolves with water.
  • Strip sugar jars are refillable.
  • Non chemical formulation, no preservatives, additives or resin
  • Registered with Vegan Society
  • Certified under the Leaping Bunny Programme
  • A comprehensive CPD training course approved by Habia will be available with Aqua Natural.

Rosie Khandwala, with her 40 years expertise in strip sugar hair removal will offer a 1-1. Details to follow for booking.

A generous launch discount will be offered to the first 20 register!

You can find out more on Aqua Natural HERE!

The Salon Source by Salonology. Aqua Natural.


NHBF Careers at The Cutting Edge – One Year On

Last year the NHBF published its landmark Careers at the Cutting Edge: Tackling the Skills Shortage in the Hair & Beauty Sector report, an independent report written by Pragmatix Advisory Ltd for the NHBF. It was based on a survey of 570 businesses and interviews with businesses and education providers.

The report outlined a skills crisis in the hair & beauty sector based on a series of interlinked factors across qualifications and training, recruitment and retention and financial pressures.

One year on from the report, the NHBF is calling on the hair, beauty and barbering industries to further unite to continue the progress that has been made after the initial report was published.

Read more HERE!

Hairdressing Supplies – Fanola

Fanola, an international brand known mostly for the famous Fanola No Yellow Purple Shampoo, and Hairdressing Supplies bring to you Fanola Color Professional Hair Colouring Cream and a range of newly formulated professional hair care products designed for hairdressers looking to take their creativity to the next level. Fanola Color Professional Hair Colouring Cream is a range of 119 intermixables shades with endless colour opportunities, holding one of the broadest ranges of colour in the industry and true to colour results with up to 100% grey coverage. 

As the Official UK partners of Fanola, Hairdressing Supplies have launched Fanola Education through in-salon training, support visits, education day events as well as a dedicated Fanola Support line that connects you directly to one of our educators. In addition to on-going support, Hairdressing Supplies has launched their Fanola Shade Trade, an opportunity for stylists to trade any brand of unused in-date colour tube they currently have for a brand new 100ml tube of Fanola Color of their choice.

If you would like to learn more about Fanola Color and what it can do for you and your salon, call our Fanola Education Support line on 01522 306733.

Hairdressing Supplies have a special offer on our page that you can see HERE!



A revolutionary breakthrough in skincare analysis leading the way in aesthetic technology, cosmeditech sets new standards in skincare precision.

Cosmeditech, a prominent name in medical and aesthetic technology with over 30 years of industry experience, is thrilled to introduce – SOFT FX. This groundbreaking innovation is set to reshape the landscape of skincare analysis, offering a fusion of clinical laboratory precision and aesthetic innovation that is nothing short of revolutionary.
At its core, SOFT FX is an industry-changer. It’s the first of its kind, marrying clinical laboratory technology with aesthetic finesse, and it’s set to redefine how clinics approach skincare analysis. With SOFT FX, professionals can delve into an array of skin conditions with unparalleled accuracy, including Hydration, Elasticity, pH, Sebum, and Pigmentation.
Leave no detail unnoticed with the power of an HD micro camera. SOFT FX unveils every aspect, from pigmentation and wrinkles to redness and pores, even capturing skin texture, keratin levels, and cellulite. The result? A comprehensive understanding of the client’s skin canvas like never before.
SOFT FX crafts bespoke consultations for both facial and bodily treatments, offering a personalised experience that sets new standards in skincare. Generate effortlessly shareable reports and recommendations that reach clients’ phones, ensuring a seamless skincare journey.
Harness the potency of a traffic light system, which pinpoints areas of concern and improvement. Translate these insights into precise skincare guidance and tailored treatments, taking client experiences to a new level.
SOFT FX isn’t just about analysis; it’s a catalyst for revenue growth. Clinics can amplify cross-selling opportunities, boost client retention through data-driven recommendations, and even cultivate referrals, transforming satisfied clients into vocal advocates.
SOFT FX represents a watershed moment in skincare analysis. To explore the full spectrum of SOFT FX’s capabilities, or for imagery, interviews, product demonstrations, or any additional information, please contact us –

Cosmeditech are offering a free full demonstration and a £500 discount for Source Readers! Please use the code: Salcofx500


All in one payments for rent a chair businesses

Slick has launched SlickPay: a unique card machine that lets both employed staff and sole traders use the same card machine.

Businesses currently have a choice of use 1 machine and do the messy work of calculating earnings per staff OR using separate machines which can look unprofessional to the client when they have to pay on different machines.

Slick uses one machine but the smart tech recognises the staff member and pays the correct amount into their bank account automatically.

This means business owners have less admin, more control and simpler accounting as they receive earnings for the limited company only.

Sole traders benefit from lower rates and better cash flow as the get their money the next business day!

Find out more HERE!

Loop HR

Transform staff training, recordkeeping, and budgets with our brand new CPD feature! Maximize
your return on investment, boost employee morale, and empower your team. Discover how to
manage staff training like a pro HERE!

The Salon Source by Salonology. Loop HR.

VU Nails

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds…

Welcome to ’Nail that’s what I call a Subscription Box’

The place where true nail artistry finds its home. Vu Nail Systems are thrilled to bring you the ultimate source of inspiration, innovation and empowerment for nail technicians and enthusiasts alike. 

Created by and for nail technicians with a passion for perfecting nail care and design, pushing boundaries and setting trends. 

Brimming with top-quality products, cutting-edge tools, and exclusive insights from the vibrant realm of nail artistry. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a budding artistNail that’s what I call a Subscription Box is here to fuel your imagination, elevate your skills, and allow you to create. 

Join our community of dedicated nail professionals as we adorn your aspirations, one stunning nail at a time. 

Welcome to a subscription that’s not just a box, but a transformative experience for every nail technician who dares to dream big. You can find out more HERE.

As always, you can see everything Salon Source HERE! From the directory, to special offers and blogs!

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