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What’s to know about Katherine Daniels?

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Katherine Daniels is a firm favourite in The Source by Salon owners. We asked them a few questions to help you get to know them a little better…

Can you share the story behind the brand?

Katherine Daniels was founded by Beauty Therapists and Beauty Industry Experts Kirsti
Shuba and Donna Tait. With over 70 years of experience between us, there’s not a lot we don’t know about
skincare. With experience in beauty therapy, brand distribution, education and marketing in the skincare industry we were well placed to launch our own product line. But it’s one thing dreaming it and another thing doing it!

For years we had worked with Professional skincare distributors and over our careers had worked with a multitude of skincare brands. This was a great ‘classroom’ for us and our career experience gave us our wish list… We were intentionally mindful of things we loved about some brands and what we loathed about other brands. From our experience we had a clear idea of what people want to achieve with their skincare. We understood what is achievable, what works and what doesn’t. After drawing up a blueprint of our skincare collection, we joined forces with some of the world’s best cosmetic scientists and Katherine Daniels was born.

Can you tell us where your inspiration came from –

Our inspiration came from our target audience, our brand avatar.
A professional salon must be able to treat any skin type or condition, without compromise. However, we know that in the UK (our home marketplace) the skin type we treat mostly is dry and the conditions we treat are dehydration and sensitivity. We also know that most people want to look as youthful as possible for as long as possible. Our inspiration today, (10 years after our launch) comes from our target audience, from the real people who are buying our products and treatments.

What is your brands philosophy –

Our philosophy sets us apart from the rest. ‘Skin First, Symptoms Second’
We know that skincare is unnecessarily complicated. We know that most brands and most skincare users try to treat the skin problems, before they take care of the basic needs of the skin, which leads to little or no positive result. Healthy, well-functioning skin responds best to treatment. Our professional strength
products treat your skin first. They stimulate healthy skin function; this re-educates your skin to perform to its best potential. Secondary to this, you can quickly and effectively treat the visible symptoms. The symptoms are the things that you see on your skin. The things you want to address, change, or enhance.
This way of working gives you visible results. It gives you ‘Better Skin for Life.’

What sets your products apart from others on the market?

We create products and treatments which do what they say. A good skincare regime is one which fits your lifestyle. For most of us this means a few minutes in the morning and a few in the evening. Plus, a little extra TLC once or twice a week. We deliver a simple 4-step prescription process, which works. We have a library of Real Results to back this up. Working with the world’s elite manufacturers. We are fiercely fussy about which manufacturers collaborate with us. They must be amongst the world’s elite cosmetic creators. They must specialise in work with specific key ingredients. Specialise in the creation of beautiful textures. We are stoic in our belief that our products must contain ingredients at a functional level (ingredient is used at the proven test percentage). We do not use ingredients at a marketing
level (can state the product contains an ingredient but there’s not enough of it in the product to give you results). What does this mean? This means we only produce high performance products.
We don’t duplicate products. This has always been our pledge to you. We don’t create dust collectors; we create products which you want. And we know what you want because we ask you and act upon your
answers! We don’t create products which duplicate another. This dilutes sales and complicates the message. We only create products which have a point of difference in our brand. Or we reformulate our best-selling products with the newest technology, to improve the results. Our high performance doesn’t mean out of budget. Because we cut out the middlemen (the UK distributors) we keep our prices keen. Keep our products affordable. Giving you the best combination of luxurious treatment protocol,
instant and long-term results at affordable prices.

Can you share anything new and exciting coming up?

Another exciting year ahead.
2023 has been a momentous year for new product launches and each one completely different to the last. Next year we take industry trends and rework them in a way which aligns with our philosophy. We have some exciting initiatives, which won’t mean investing in expensive tech but will mean great results for your clients.

What is your favourite Katherine Daniels product?

Pure Pigment Foundation Drops. This product has changed the way I wear foundation and it has changed the way foundation looks on my skin (and I have good skin!).

If you would like to know more about our brand you can do so HERE!

Or give us a call on 01767 68 22 88 and one of our team will be happy to help you.

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